Local's Secret

Thursday September 10, 2015
Local's Secret

Referred to as the “local’s secret” – September is arguably the best month in Rehoboth Beach. The water is warm, the beach is mellow, and most days offer a wonderful breeze to keep you comfortable for full day in the sun. And not to worry – Our beach remains guarded until the third weekend of September so you and your family can still “beach” safely. 

The month of September is not just a great beach month, locals and visitors can also enjoy fabulous food at their favorite restaurants with less or no wait times. The month brings reduced prices on accommodations, shopping discounts and mid- month marks the official end to parking permits and metered parking. This calm yet beautiful month is an instant favorite for those who’ve experienced it firsthand. 

So, If you are able book a trip during this lovely month of September, rest assured for it will be one you will remember.

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